Thursday, September 9

I finally took some pictures!

Yes, I finally took some pictures of Petersburg! I need to go and take some more, though... But I do have 9 months, I suppose! I'll include a couple in this post for your viewing pleasure :P

Yesterday was good... Had school from 10-1.30 as usual. On the way to school we saw once again the Militsia stopping people and asking for passports, in exactly the same place as before. We resolved to walk on the other side of the road in future, just to be sure we won't get any pointless fines or anything. Had 'СМИ' (media) and Phonetics, both of which were quite good. Luckily, I love all the lecturers so far! They're all very friendly and nice.

After lessons we went for lunch at Теремок, a pancake place, where I had a cheese pancake followed by a caramel & apple pancake. Om nom nom nom. Both were super tasty... We made the poor decision to sit outside, which meant we had 3 different beggars approach us during our meal. Luckily the woman working in Теремок obviously encounters them a lot and seemed to be quite good at getting them to leave. Don't think I'll sit outside next time.

Went to Дом Книги (house of books) again after lunch, but this time I actually bought some books. I got a nice big Russian dictionary which seems to be really good so far, and cost around £6, which is far cheaper than it'd be in England! I also got a Russian learners' storybook, which has stories in Russian with explanations of difficult words in English in the margins. Very useful :) Had one drink in Datcha before venturing home. Discovered yet another problem with my bank account, though hopefully it's getting sorted as I type this. I'm constantly hemorrhaging money here... Was planning to go out but didn't after I discovered said problem. Oh well, hopefully it'll all be sorted ASAP.

Today was rather good. Went to school late, as I had the morning off :) My lessons today were Grammar followed by Film. Grammar was alright, we went over the old verbs of motion as well as a couple of new ones. As if there weren't enough of the bloody things already! Oh well, guess I'll just have to learn them. During the Film lesson we watched 'Восток-Запад' (East-West) which was very good though a little depressing. We didn't see the ending yet, though, perhaps it's a happy one! We'll see.

After school I went with Rebecca from my class to do a little sightseeing (with my camera this time!)... Went and took a couple of pictures of the Bronze Horseman and the outside of the Hermitage, then we decided to go inside. With our student cards we can go in completely free! Therefore, I plan to go there as often as possible. It's so big in there that you'd need to go hundreds of times to see it all... Good job it's free! It was so beautiful inside, every room was extremely decorative with pictures all over the ceilings and huge chandeliers... It was lovely. And the art wasn't bad, too :P

Anyway, I'll end this post with a couple of pictures and shut up. My posts are way too long on here!


(Top left: St Isaac's Cathedral; Top right: inside the Hermitage (Winter Palace) courtyard; Bottom: me outside the Hermitage.)

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