Monday, September 6

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

Not too much has changed since my last post, I am still very happy here, so I'll just make an update on what I've been up to...

Yesterday I woke up at 7am. I was extremely tired, so decided to go back to sleep, but not before checking out the morning sun outside. It was very pretty, so I took a photo of the view from my window. Unfortunately it's actually the only photo I've actually taken since arriving, which is quite sad! Then again, I have 9 months to take photos. This one is rather nice though, I think. Here it is:

When I got up for the second time yesterday, we had a slow, lazy morning eating breakfast and chilling out. In the afternoon, however, we had a couple of errands to run before heading off to meet up with some of the other students. My flatmate Mike's Russian phone didn't work, or rather the battery didn't work. We took it to the shop and the guy replaced it, after which we went to a ticket office so both my flatmates (Mike & Maddy) could buy tickets for the Placebo concert. I was surprised at how easy it was to buy them, and now I won't worry about buying tickets myself when a band I like comes to play here.

After this we went to Nevsky Prospect once again, where we met up with a few other students for a drink and some lunch. It was nice, but then I discovered my debit card wouldn't work in Russia. Luckily I managed to call Natwest for free in the evening and it's all sorted now. Phew. I was fairly worried as I needed to pay my rent today!

As for today, we made our first visit to the Benedict School (my new place of study) on the Metro. It was a bit of a nightmare for several reasons. Firstly, it actually took longer going by Metro than on foot. This was partly because our usual exit to the street is closed for repairs, and partly because of the sheer number of people on the train. We got shoved and stared at by a few hundred Russians, but never mind. Upon arrival at the school, we had a nice welcome talk where we met the student reps & director of the school, who all seemed lovely. Following this we had a test, which I didn't think was too bad, but we'll see. I'll find out tomorrow which class I'm in, eek! Afterwards I paid off some of the money I owe the school then had just enough left to buy some chips for lunch. 

For dinner I had some 'potato cutlets with mushrooms', which was one of the few vegetarian delicacies I could find at the supermarket... They were quite tasty, actually, I must remember to buy them again. I've just realised I'm talking a lot about my eating habits, which I can only imagine is excruciatingly boring. Ah well! It'll be interesting to see how much my vegetarianism impacts on my stay in Russia...

On that note, I'll stop blabbing on about boring crap :P Gosh, this post is long. Apologies.

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