Sunday, September 5

My first whole day in SPB :)

So, despite being super tired after staying up on the internet half the night (you'd think I hadn't been on it for weeks, not mere hours!) I embarked on a wander around the city this morning at 9.30. Yawn. My flatmates, my lecturer - who is temporarily staying with us, our landlady and I first walked to our school, which wasn't too far away and is near a rather pretty canal. I think I'll need a few more tries before I can walk there on foot by memory, but we'll see! The Metro is so ridiculously cheap anyway if I do get lost and need to get back on track in a hurry! Or also if it's too snowy to move outside...

We met up with a few of the other students once our lecturer and landlady had left, which was nice. Everyone seems to like their flats and landladies/lords, which is ace. We wandered up Nevsky Prospect and ate some more pancakes (they're fast becoming my staple diet! Mmm!) Looked at a few of the cathedrals and churches Petersburg is littered with, checked out the Hermitage from the outside and had a couple of drinks in a nice bar called Дача (datcha)...

After this we realised we really needed to buy some phones in order to keep in touch with everyone, so we decided to go home and ask our landlady for some help to do so. I ended up getting a cute little black & red Samsung - see attached picture. It's perfectly usable and even has a game and currency converter - not bad for around £17! Technology is ridiculously cheap here compared to home...

Anyway, time to sign off again for another evening, but I am still one very happy bunny and right now I'm extremely glad I study such an interesting and awesome country! :D


  1. So glad you're loving it already! But the fuck, it seems everything is cheap back there: tube, flat, mobiles, the internet... Lucky you! Hmm, I'm looking for Russian letters on your mobile, but can't see it :p Does it have any? I guess it must have... But still, so crazy :p

    Can you blog your address please, so I can send you my lovely walrus?

    Have a great second whole day tomorrow!

    Cheers, Giovanni

    ps: I had to make a f Google Account to be able to comment, shit!

  2. Haha yes, everything is rather cheap! My flat isn't that cheap though, it's about the same as what I was paying in England... But it's very nice and the location is good so I don't mind! I can save money on most other things :) And yes, my phone does have Russian letters! My webcam is just too shit to pick them up! Can't you see how crowded the keys look with letters? That's because there's a row of Russian letters and a row of English letters... Bilingual phone :D

    I don't actually know my address yet! I'll tell everyone once I know! And I think it might be better to give the address of my uni rather than my actual flat, because there'll always be someone there to receive the post... But I'm not sure. I'll let you know, though! I want my walrus :P

    Sorry you had to make a Google account, but now it means you can stalk away with ease :)

  3. Oooh bilingual phone :P

    Haha, funny you don't know your address yet :D So strange to send it to your uni, we don't do that over here... Strange world!

    Stalking will be done.